We believe that greatness starts at breakfast. And when you have a Weetabix breakfast, you can tackle whatever’s ahead – big or small. Whether that’s powering your morning run or looking after the kids, Weetabix gives you the advantage. What you do next is up to you.

The Weetabix Advantage

We believe in a proper breakfast. A proper breakfast that will help set you up for the day – that could be helping you feel on top of things and alert. That’s why ‘they’ve had their Weetabix’ has become a salute to extraordinary everyday achievements.

The Weetabix Way

We believe in doing things the right way, too. From sourcing to recycling, we’re committed to making a positive impact on our local communities and the global environment. Our charity partners FareShare and Magic Breakfast help us donate food to the people that need it.

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Charity Partners

Helping local communities is important to us that’s why we are proud partners of FareShare and Magic Breakfast, providing breakfast to those in need. Click on the video on the right to find out more!

The Original Superfood

But how is this true of a simple bowl of cereal? Well, Weetabix was a superfood* before superfoods were a thing. We’re 100% whole wheat and packed with many of the nutrients your body needs. We’ve been feeding Britain healthy, nutritious breakfasts since 1932.

*Riboflavin, Niacin, Folic Acid & Iron contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue add as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle

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Are you looking for a fun way for girls 5-11 to get involved with football?

Then look no further! Weetabix Wildcats is the place to be, everyone is super awesome; from the friends you’ll meet to the FA qualified coaches and volunteers who deliver the sessions.



At Weetabix we’re committed to growing sustainable ingredients, reducing packaging waste, making our factories more efficient and helping local communities. Join us on our journey from the fields to your kitchen and see how you’re making a big difference with every bowl.

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Weetabix Huddle

Welcome to Huddle, powered by Weetabix, where girls across Wales fall in love with football

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