Welcome to FAY’S FARM

Meet Fay who has been a tenant farmer for three generations.

Based in the village of Great Easton near Market Harborough, Leicestershire, her farm sits at the heart of the local community. Taking the helm from her Dad, Fay now runs the farm with her sister, Abigail.

Read on to discover more from Fay herself…

Smashing Stereotypes

Farming is often seen as a male-dominated.

My sister and I are challenging that stereotype and I hope that we can inspire more women to enter agriculture. Women have been in farming for decades and I’d love for more young girls to see it as their future.

Conservation is key

We’re passionate about conservation and want to leave the farm in a better environmental state than we found it.

Farming and conservation go hand-in-hand and we’ve created a range of environmental habitats including hedgerows, ponds and wildflower strips to encourage biodiversity on the farm. Wheat grown here that doesn’t go to Weetabix is used in our bird seed mixes, or to feed our flock of sheep.

“We love working with Weetabix. It’s rewarding knowing that we’ve played a role in creating a breakfast the nation love.”

Working With Nature

The farming life is fantastic.

Working with the seasons, sowing seeds and tending your crops, then seeing the result of your hard work come to life is truly the most rewarding experience. Being able to see the wildlife and crops thrive around you is so amazing and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

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